Pt. Ramdas Palsule

Ramdas Palsule is a very familiar name to the worshipers of Hindustani music as an intellectual Tabla Player who has carved a niche for himself at a very young age. Having achieved Bachelor’s degree in engineering, Ramdas has been recognized as very talented Tabla Player, equally popular in Musicians as well as the audiences, who is one of the most senior disciples of World Famous Tabla Maestro Taalyogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkar.Being an accomplished soloist as well as a versatile accompanist, he has performed widely in all the eminent music festivals of India.  Outside India, he has performed practically all over the world including countries like U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Germany, Australia, Africa and the Gulf Countries.

His Tabla accompaniment ranges from distinguished vocalists to prominent instrumentalists, from both Hindustani & Carnatic styles, and also to renowned Kathak dancers of the country. He has accompanied innumerable artistes of highest calibre in his career so far.

Besides performances, Ramdas imparts training to the younger generation of students of Tabla. For last about 20 years, many students from all over India, are learning from him in our Traditional GURUKUL system….He is also appointed as a Guru in the Centre for Performing Arts of the University of Pune, for almost 15 years now.