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Students who will be admitted to Avartan Gurukul will need to have prerequisites. Since this is not a music/dance class and more of an art forms finishing school, the required criteria will be followed before their selection which is given below:

  1. Age : Between 10 years to 30 years (Exceptions possible)
  2. Prior education in the desired art form: Minimum 4-5 years (Exceptions possible)
  3. Requirement of passed exams : Nil

The Avartan aspirants will have to undergo an audition of their performance for a minimum of 20 minutes followed by an interview by the Guru/Assistant Teacher. One of the important requirement for admission is commitment of the student to take the art form as his/her career.

Although 5 years is the indicative time period specified by the Gurus, more time may be allowed for a student if he shows promise.

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You can also send Admission Form via Courier along with the

  1. Consent letter from present Guru
  2. Cd or Pen Drive containing your Audio / Video Recording of 10 mins.

Download the form below and send us at our registered address.

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