Art forms to be covered

AvartanGurukul will cover multiple art forms to be covered under this project in two to three phases. The Gurukul will start with 5 art forms and add more of them second year onwards depending upon registration of students.

Art forms covered in the first year are:

  • Tabla
  • Pakhavaj (Indian Percussion)
  • Hindustani Vocal
  • Dhrupad Vocal
  • Bharatnatyam (Dance)
  • Kathak (Dance)

Entry Level Maturity Expected ( Eligiblity)

Students who will be admitted to Avartan Gurukul will need to have prerequisites. Since this is not a music/dance class and more of an art forms finishing school, the required criteria will be followed before their selection which is given below:

  • Age : Between 10 years to 30 years (Exceptions possible)
  • Prior education in the desired art form: Minimum 4-5 years (Exceptions possible)
  • Requirement of passed exams : Nil

The Avartan aspirants will have to undergo an audition of their performance for a minimum of 20 minutes followed by an interview by the Guru/Assistant Teacher. One of the important requirement for admission is commitment of the student to take the art form as his/her career. Although 5 years is the indicative time period specified by the Gurus, more time may be allowed for a student if he shows promise.

Student Apprentice Program

“Avartan” has designed the learning in a completely holistic manner. The students will be shaped keeping in mind all the qualities they will need to possess to become a noteworthy artiste. During the first 5 years, in addition to regular knowledge transfer process, they will also be subjected to off line learning through audio-video aids. With a reasonable amount of expertise and knowledge acquisition, they will be made to coach junior students. This is designed and stems out of conviction that one of the better of ways to gain knowledge is through sharing it. The students will also be expected to volunteer to participate in the Gurukul’s social contribution activity, where, they will be required to perform in diverse areas for lower income groups, specifically in schools to offer a unique experience of our culture to those who are otherwise deprived of it. This activity will also serve to provide the much needed platform for these students to showcase their talent and skills and get the concert experience.