About Us

AvartanGurukul,  instituted in the cultural and Educational hub, the city of Pune, is a result of a potent combination of Vision, Passion, ability and organization.

“Avartan” is a public charitable trust with support and contribution from highly respected artistes in India. With Pune as the fulcrum, Avartan has set up a “Gurukul” with the aim of making inspired artistes and Gurus for the future generations in a sustainable manner. The method is to select highly talented students irrespective of religion, caste and economic background. While, inspiration has been derived from many Gurukuls currently doing important work, Avartan is going a step ahead in making this Gurukul have a holistic approach encompassing all the major facets of Indian art forms such as Vocal music, Instrumental music and Dance. This makes the School’s concept a unique one. Our second objective is to take our traditional music and dance to that strata of people, typically the economically challenged, who are completely alienated from this for years. This will be achieved by engaging Senior Gurukul students conducting free workshops and performances. We are extremely sensitive to the fear of some instruments dying out due to lack of both teachers and students. Instruments such as JalTarang, Veena, Sarangi, Surbahar, Dilruba, Shehnai are fast fading from the music arena and we have plans to revive some of these.

People involved with AvartanGurukul have done extensive research on the traditional Gurukul systems in India and worked out a plan which is most workable and relevant to current times, keeping all the major facets of the tradition intact. While technology is bringing world closer and closer and giving rise to the terms such as “World Music” and “World Culture”, Avartan is determined to take every effort to preserve a separate space for Indian culture amidst a cultural onslaught.

Education at Avartan Gurukul is completely free of charge.

Our Vision & Mission


To preserve and propagate Indian traditional Art Forms by creating highly proficient artists through the ancient Guru – Shishya parampara.


To spot genuine talent in the field of Classical Music and Dance, and offer them extensive and high level training in their art form so that they become conduits of culture for the future generation.